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Computer games improve vigilance



Фото: Victor Saboya Bengochea/ Parents are usually not enthusiastic about the fact that their child is fond of computer games. But are they right in such a situation? British scientists, for example, conducted a study in which teenagers took part, whose love is games. And they found that the passion for a computer game-strategy perfectly develops the brain of children and vigilance. Based on research, experts say that strategies affect the development of children's analytical abilities and the development of intelligence. Therefore, among the avid players you will not find, they say, people who suffer from brain birds. With this in mind, doctors intend to create, and then implement a number of strategy games for the ratment of autism. As well as other ailments associated with brain rats.

Brendan | 2023 09 27 22:31:22

Dana Borisova is an expectant mother and future spouse



The first rumor about TV presenter Dana Borisova - she is expecting her second child. The second is that the TV presenter is going to marry the father of the unborn baby! Conversations arose due to the fact that last week the girl brought out her new boyfriend - a metropolitan businessman named Andrew. He is imposing, blonde, blue-eyed, and wealthy. The young people met a few months ago and only now appeared in public. Despite the fact that the couple is already credited with a love relationship, neither Dana nor her companion showed hot feelings towards each other throughout the event. They behaved rather coldly and reservedly. And there were no special changes in Dana's figure, despite the narrow dress ... Recall that Borisova's first common-law husband was Maxim Aksenov. The husband began to live together in 2005. In 2007, their daughter Polina was born. But even the presence of a child in the family did not save the couple from birding.

Brendan | 2023 09 26 20:52:38

A drug for skin cancer is being licensed



The drug, which prolongs the life of patients with skin cancer, has been successfully tested. Currently, the pharmaceutical concern Roche is engaged in licensing of the drug. It should be noted that this is the first drug that has successfully passed the tests, which has been created by scientists over the past four decades. It helps to prolong the life of patients in the last stage of skin cancer. Thanks to the drug, which bears the working title RG7204, the lives of 700 patients who took part in the trials increased by more than six months. The drug was created thanks to the discovery by scientists of a genetic mutation that is responsible for the development of melanoma. RG7204 detects a mutated gene and blocks it from working. Due to this, 80% of patients significantly reduced the tumor.

Brendan | 2023 09 25 18:44:19

Serena Williams showed an engagement ring



For the famous tennis player Serena Williams, one can only rejoice. A successful athlete marries the founder of the Reddit site Alexis Ohanian. On her page, Serena published a picture in which the engagement ring is clearly visible. The couple looks happy. The picture turned out amazing.

Brendan | 2023 09 24 14:08:43

What does an ideal female figure mean?



The fact that men are attracted to a lush bust, narrow waist and rounded hips has been known for a long time. Now it is possible to calculate the ideal parameters of the female figure. Researchers from the University of Manchester took care of this. They found that breasts of 3 or 4 sizes can be considered optimal. As for the hips, the ideal coefficient of their height is 0.3 (it is calculated by dividing the maximum circumference of the thigh by the total height). The ratio of the waist and hips of 0.7 (calculated by dividing the waist circumference by the hip circumference) is also called successful. Moreover, the higher the total score is, the more ideal the figure is recognized.

Brendan | 2023 09 23 20:52:55

Salvation from pressure - in vitamin C



Hypertension is getting younger. Those who are under thirty suffer from high blood pressure today. What should they do to stabilize the pressure? Employees from Johns Hopkins Medical University are ready to offer an inexpensive and effective way to solve the problem - a short-term course of vitamin C. They analyzed the results of thirty clinical studies that were devoted to the problem of hypertension, and made the following conclusions: the use of vitamin C 500 mg for eight weeks stabilizes blood pressure. Recall that in Russia, 25 million people suffer from birds of the heart and blood vessels. And it is heart bird that is a common cause of death.

Brendan | 2023 09 22 21:18:17

How to learn a foreign language effectively



Фото: Andres Rodriguez/ Many people wonder - is it possible to learn a foreign language yourself without hiring a tutor and not signing up for courses? Surely it is possible, because the experience of other people clearly convinces of this. But how to do this so that classes are held with maximum benefit?.. Read about how to effectively learn a foreign language in the Women's Encyclopedia

Brendan | 2023 09 21 18:16:13